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We will have puppies
available for 11/30/23

We Have Litters Available Within the Next Couple Of Months

Call Now and Ask How Can You Get on the List for Any Upcoming Litters

Three French Bullgod Puppies

about us


For the past 2 decades E&J has been breeding the best Rottweilers dogs in New England. After 25 in the business, my father decided to pass the torch to continue his legacy. I then took over 20 years ago and continued to breed these beautiful breed. For 45 years we've been providing quality Rottweiler across the country. Its not an accident that our Rottweilers are powerful yet easy to train because they so eager to please . Our Puppies are bred with emphasis on health and temperament history, Our dogs have one of the best bloodline in the history of the breed, they are home raised with our children to ensure socialization. We understand that when you made the decision on getting a Rottweiler you knew you were adding a family member not just a pet.


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